[MJ] One Step Checkout for WHMCS 1.0.0

One Step Checkout for WHMCS is the single most effective technical change which displays products/services selection and all checkout steps appear together on a single page for customers to modify any step at once. Customers can add and configure products/services to an order, or remove them, and complete payment without leaving the page. This only means that it’s a perfect opportunity to create some value for your customers by making the process more user-friendly. We are all about increasing online sales conversion by reducing customer abandonment. All of this is achieved with our WHMCS One Step Checkout add-on, which assembles every checkout step for a one-page checkout in WHMCS.


One Page Checkout
One Step Checkout for WHMCS add-on, your customers will see all checkout information (Domain Registration / Transfer, Product / Service Configurations / Add-ons / Custom Fields, Product / Service Billing Cycle, Coupon Code, Order Notes, Customer Registration / Login and Payment Gateways) away in one single page and can fill in or edit any step without waiting or going back.

Auto AJAX Updates
Information on the checkout page is updated as you go, without reloading and distracting the customer. Thus, you can be assured that One Step Checkout can work perfectly in any WHMCS of any countries.

Various Payment Methods Supported
This add-on supports many popular payment methods which already supported by WHMCS

Customer Registration / Login
The customer has an option to log in or register right on the checkout page. If he is a returning customer, then auto-fill will be engaged for shipping and billing address when he is signed in.

Cart Editing
Customer may add/remove some products from the cart right from the checkout page.

Order Notes
There is an additional notes field for the customer to mention any concerns or clarifications.

Promotional Code
A “coupon code” allows to apply/cancel the coupon right on the checkout page.

Terms & Conditions
Clearly, published Terms and Conditions is crucial for any businesses. Before placing order, customers can easily view your Terms and Conditions

Different Layouts & Design Styles
With WHMCS One Step Checkout add-on, you can select checkout page styles and types of the layout (2 columns, 3 columns, 3 columns - optimized) that best fits your store theme when showing in the page.

Responsive Checkout Design
Whether the user is on PC, tablet, or mobile, the design will adapt to match the screen.
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